The GBOB World Final 2015 "What a powerful night it was. We've never seen so many good bands in one night as this" - these were but a few words of some of the bands, music company executives, tv producers that night who have witnessed the performances of - without a doubt - some of the best bands in the world.

The World Final of the Global Battle of the Bands happened in Oslo, 26 April 2015, was an epic concert of 16 winning bands from all over the world.

To give a hint of the highlights during the night, all performances were highly praised and brought to the stage something uniquely special: TYPEFACE of Finland, who performed a new wave of alternative music that has been topping the charts of Spotify Viral in Finland since the last few months; MUZZA'S MAYHEM of Malaysia, classic blues rock band whose lead singer is an exceptional world-class guitarist, literally playing the guitar behind his back, and with his teeth; MOJAVE DESERT REBELS of Denmark, WHYNONA RYDERZ of Moldova, THE GEORGIANS of Australia, amazing songwriters whose music I believe people will be listening to and looking out for after the concert.

BOOGIE COMPANY of Estonia certainly introduced something different when they played their own unique genre of music, "rockabilly" with four finely dressed gentlemen, a huge low voice, and a giant fire-painted double bass guitar. ETC of Georgia, the youngest band of the night, surprised the audience with an intense and perfect performance, noting an amazingly talented young female vocalist singing growls and high notes in perfect pitch. MARIUS TILLY BAND from Germany captured the room performing their own original blues rock music and a very strong captivating voice. Lithuania's STIFFER were one of the first launched onstage, and gave one of the most explosive sounds and powerful performances during the night. Norway's very own Heavy Metal band CORNA sweeped the crowd with their new songs and amazing performance during the night.

The Judges during the competition were JORN, a legend of heavy metal music in Europe, played with likes of White Snake, Black Sabbath, and many more; Per Bussman, a veteran in the Swedish Music Industry and owner of Triada Communications; Jas Morris, award-winning guitarist in the UK and member of the band Firekind - winner of last year's GBOB World Final. "I can humbly say I've never been in a show with so much talent in one night, all together, as this." commented Bussman, as they were about to announce the Top 6 bands. The judges reportedly had a difficult time deciding who would be winner this year.

On 6th place is CITAGAZI of Scotland, who literally blew away the crowd with an intense hardcore performance, on and off the stage as the lead vocalist literally brought the hardcore to the crowd by singing in the middle of them.

On 5th place is OH MOTHERSHIP of Sweden, who has recently released a new album with numerous potential hit singles, combining in them amazing songwriting skills, powerful performances and strong vocals reminiscent of legend Stevie Nicks.

On 4th place, CORETHEBAND of Greece, a highly praised band who exploded onstage with with an intense performance. While very young, their charisma and energy captured the audience and sweeped them on to Top 6.

On 3rd place, STROY of Czech Republic, combining amazing technical skill, intelligent songwriting, dramatic charisma both in their songs and live performance, reminiscent of legends Muse, Tool - fusing differents styles and making something new.

On 2nd place, ORANGE SKYLINE of Netherlands, a rock and roll band reminsicent of legends 1960 style of pop and rock, whose strong catchy songs have been constantly increasing in popularity for the band in their country.

On 1st place, TRIANA PARK of Latvia, who was crowned the winner of the night, standing out in both charisma, songs, and a unique genre of music that judges believe can take the international music scene given the chance to be exposed.

It was a two day gathering of bands filled with all-high moments on and off the stage, perhaps lifetime friendships made, but most of all being able to witness and be a part of a group of artists on the rise in the music scene worldwide. Until now its difficult to sleep and go home after the wild experience. To the bands, we look forward to keeping in touch with you all and we challenge you to get your music out there, as we definitely will.

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